Felix Hornoiu

Product Design
Hi, I'm Felix and I've been consulting startups and companies around the Product Design & UX Design field for more than 10 years. I either create product from scratch or iterate a current flow looking to improve key metrics! I like fast paced,...
In the past 10 years (6 years office and 4 years remote), I worked all sort of projects, big and small from startups to large scale companies that needed to improve, tweak or create new features and solve problems that improve key 🔑 metrics. I've led design sprints, client workshops, ran usability testing sessions‍, worked in multiple environments and have a good degree of adaptability. ‍ Worked with clients like Warner Brothers, Google, Facebook, H&M, The Economist, BASF, EY, Microsoft as well as some interesting startups like Beamery, Peerpoint and Ordo Pay. ––––– ‍ Aside from listing geeky buzzwords here, I'm passionate about reading psychology books, real estate investment, travelling, eating healthy, nutrition and exercise. Sometimes I post on Twitter about all of these. ‍ Product Design⚡️ - Leading design sprints and managing distributed teams - Prioritising feature on the roadmap - Designing & Maintaining component libraries, simplify content hierarchies, ...


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