Nayeli Lavanderos

Brooklyn, New York
Hola! I'm a motion graphics designer / illustrator with 8+ years of industry experience working with a wide range of companies such as MTV, MPC, Google, NBC, The Guardian, Vox Media, Loyalkaspar, Ogilvy, Havas, Droga5. I can handle all aspects o...
I am a freelance art director, motion designer, and illustrator who migrates between Brooklyn and Lisbon.   I grew up in Mexico City. After finishing my degree in Graphic Design I pursued a Master's in Motion Media Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. Later, I moved to Brooklyn, NY where I worked alongside many talented folks, honing my design and animation skills at a broad variety of companies.  I am a passionate vegan who supports animal welfare and environmental causes. A percentage of what I earn from each project is donated to different animal charities.


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