Tripp Stanford

Chattanooga, TN
In a Month
I'm Tripp and I'm a full stack digital marketer. I build efficient digital marketing funnels through organic search, paid ads, display retargeting, and email. I've worked for home services, manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism industries. I lo...
After 8+ years of working as a digital marketer on the agency side and the in-house side, I’ve designed a program that is perfect for small, local businesses. The current agency model doesn’t work for small businesses, it’s often times too expensive and doesn’t allow the personal brand building necessary to make a sustainable business. As a one man agency, without an expensive office or dozens of employees, I am able to provide the same service at a fraction of the price. To accurately create an integrated marketing funnel, a local business only needs to be on a few distinct platforms. You need to be present on search engines like Google and Bing, you need to be present on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and you need to be present in your customer’s email. Most businesses piece out these services to specific freelancers who focus on one thing. You could have a PPC guy, a social media guy, an SEO guy, and an email guy. I’ve had the opportunity to lear...


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