Vicente Reyes

Manila, Philippines
A Self-Directed Learner, a Freelance Web Developer, a Volunteer Developer at Project Website, & DEV Tag-Moderator, one of the brains of The Underwearkers on Facebook & a podcast host....
I'm available to work with small to medium businesses to help develop their custom website. You can check my past \[works]\(, shoot me a \[tweet]\(, check my \[facebook page]\( or email me at vicentereyes.freelance [at] for inquiries. Front End: HTML CSS ReactJs Materialize CSS Bootstrap CSS Bulma CSS Backend: Python Django Flask Wagtail Cookiecutter-Django Liquid Shopify Redis ElasticSearch Algolia TDD DRF Headless CMS: ButterCMS Netlify CMS Shopify Hosting: Heroku Digital Ocean Database: PostgreSQL Let's transact on Escrow


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