David Lumm

Bristol, UK
I'm a full-stack capable PHP developer with natural bias towards the backend. I like solving problems, improving code, improving workflows and doing the stuff everyone else runs away from....
I’m an experienced senior PHP developer with a balanced set of skills across the full stack of web development, but a personal preference for the backend. I like working with data, workflows and business logic; at the same time I like to build simple easy-to-use User Interfaces. I like working a project through the whole process from discussing the problem with users and stakeholders, working on a specification, through to development, testing, reworking (when necessary) and releasing. I like to be challenged and to learn new things, both in the technical space but also within the business. I like writing clean, efficient and maintainable code. I have over 10 years of experience, 4 of which I have been a freelancer, working with a variety of stacks and different kinds of teams: Everything from small web design agencies to multinational corporations like Oracle. These days I’m most comfortable with PHP and JavaScript, but I’ve also successfully built or maintained ...


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