Michael Anderjaska

San Francisco, CA
Hi! I'm a SF-based full-stack software engineer. I recently worked at Blend, a Series E fintech startup, building out our kubernetes infrastructure. I have also worked at AWS on Elasticache, a cloud-based in-memory datastore. Skilled in React al...
Ever since my first hackathon, I was addicted to building things quickly. In sophomore year I built a reverse image search engine for shelter cats, where a user can submit a picture of a cat, and then see cats up for adoption in their area. At PennApps XV, I hacked together a pair of sunglasses and a Raspberry Pi to make a tool for blind users to help navigate their daily lives. Recently, I have been at Blend, where I have been working on the infra team, using golang to build the infrastructure behind 25% of all loan applications in the United States. I have worked all across the stack, from React on the frontend to Kubernetes and AWS. Hit me up and let's build something great! Frontend: React, Redux, CSS, HTML, Materialize Backend: Express, Node.js, Flask, Golang, Kubernetes Check out my devpost: https://devpost.com/andrewjeska


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