Juan Pablo

San Francisco, US
Hello! I'm a graphic designer and performer based in San Francisco, California. I have recently graduated from an MFA Design program at the California College of the Arts (CCA). I've been working as a graphic designer for four years with a wide ...
Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Juan Pablo Rahal began his artistic career as an actor in SP at thirteen years old. Moving to Santiago, Chile, and studying and working there for nine years, he performed, produced and directed. As producer he developed his graphic design work, which eventually inspired him move to the United States to pursue a Design MFA at California College of the Arts where he is currently graduated. Juan Pablo Rahal now uses graphic design to visualize connections across cultures that did not exist before, in order to help us see ways to understand each other a little more as human beings—and take action and care more deeply from what we’ve learned, beyond borders and languages. Understanding graphic design as a medium to provoke questions, sensations, statements and a medium of information, the craft and the materiality of his process help him to shape the experiences that he attempts to provoke in whomever comes across his work.


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