Rodrigo Blergh

2D Artist
Brasília, Brazil
I take an honest and transparent approach to motion design, aligned with my knowledge in typography and design. ...
First of all, I really like cooking and I love dogs.  No. Not cooking dogs, that'd be horrible.  These are two separate joyful things. Separate.   I'm someone who take a curious approach to help creative leaders feel excited about delivering motion graphics that wow audiences. I think that motion design is all about honesty and should delivered with full transparency in a way that's not only about visuals but also about a message.   It all started when I was still on high school, I had developed an interest in photography, as the years passed it gradually evolved into video content, then later when I was an intern at an agency a colleague started teaching me about animation and motion, it was like love at first sight, I couldn't take my head of it, so I started experimenting which led me to where I'm at.   I have around 3 years of experience and I'm excited to see where this road takes me. I'm looking to work at projects that allows me to grow, learn, explore and al...


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