Nissan Ahmed

Web Development
Khulna, Bangladesh
Software Engineer, UI / UX Designer, Android & Full Stack Web Developer ¬...
👋 Some Background ¬ I am a 26 years old passionate Software Engineer and Designer with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science and Engineering. I have been working professionally for 3+ years. Recently I have started doing freelancing full time because of this pandemic situation. 💯 What I can do for you ¬ 🌏 Fully responsive websites and progressive web apps using technologies like React and Next.js. 📱 Native Android Development with the latest recommended technologies. 🎨 Designing effective UI, UX, and Prototyping with Figma. 💪 Why you would love working with me ¬ ✅ I work in US time zone. ✅ I will be 100% committed to executing your vision. ✅ I am completely honest and transparent about my process and progress. ✅ I develop my projects in a maintainable manner, such that any developer can work on the project later. ✅ If I fail to deliver or miss a deadline, I will be open to renegotiating our deal. 👎 Some of my shortcomings ¬ ⭕ I am uncomfortable with vid...


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