Liège, Belgium
French teacher and translator from English, German, Spanish, Croatian and Russian, into French. Foreign languages are my passion and I love what I do!...
I work as a French teacher and a translator. French is my native language, as I was born and raised in Liège, in Belgium. I have learned many foreign languages: English, Spanish, German and Russian. And I also speak perfectly Croatian, because this is my second mother tongue. I started teaching French in 2013. Since then, I have been teaching people from many different origines, with various goals: some want to learn French because they need it for their job, some of them live in a French-speaking country, other persons need to take a French test (like DELF), and some of my students also just like the French language and want to be able to speak this beautiful language. For me the most important when you learn a language is to have fun and to understand the culture behind the language. And that's exactly what I work on during my classes. I teach individual classes but also groups. Since 2014 I have garnered experience in translation in several fiels, as finance, r...


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